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and more accurate


All you need to do is create an account and upload the required documents. This enables you to apply for the latest clinical medications and seek a second opinion. Using our cutting-edge medication screening models, we’ll provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan.

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You register on Precico.com

Infomation Collect

Provide the medical informations and documents

Therapy Selection

Lf You Already Have NGS Results

Precico generate a comprehensive medical report. It includes : tumor specifics, targete therapies ongoing clinical trials. and other prospects for further exploration.

NGS Test

If you don’t have NGS results yet, Precico generate a medical report which contains: tumor specifics, all possible treatment options, and ongoing clinical trials.

NGS provides crucial information for precise therapy in cancer treatment. You can perform NGS testing on Treatcloud. Please contact us to obtain the testing information.

Determine Personalized Medication

We will find the most suitable medication or combination of medications for your condition among all possible drug molecules currently available. We will work with your doctor to determine personalized medication choices.

Medication Management

Assist in obtaining relevant medications faster and We will follow the treatment.