Clinical Trial (Complimentary Service)

Understanding the gravity of a medical decision, especially when encountering rare diseases or refractory conditions, we stand committed to providing patients with optimism and opportunities to explore the latest treatment alternatives. Our offering includes participation in clinical trials, particularly when existing treatments are insufficient for your needs.

Our team is an ensemble of proficient research professionals and seasoned clinical coordinators, armed with vast expertise and knowledge. We pledge to work intimately with you, evaluating your medical condition, medical history, and treatment needs to pinpoint the most suitable clinical trial programs or drug therapies for you. We will be there with you throughout the application process, liaising with medical institutions and research teams to uphold your rights and safeguard your well-being.

Understanding Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are human-focused scientific research studies aimed at appraising the safety, efficacy, and potential side effects of new drugs, treatments, or medical devices. Conducted by researchers, doctors, and healthcare institutions under stringent ethical and legal guidelines, they protect participant rights and safety.

Clinical trial drugs are utilized within these trials to treat diseases or gauge their therapeutic effects. These drugs have passed through animal experiments, toxicity tests, and other examinations, assuring some confidence in their efficacy and safety. Clinical trial drugs may include new drugs, drugs with fresh uses or formulations, or varying doses and combinations of pre-existing market drugs. In many cancer diagnosis and treatment guidelines, participation in clinical trials is now a familiar choice.

The Benefits of Clinical Trials to Patients

Clinical trials often provide experimental drugs or treatments free of cost, granting patients the chance to potentially benefit from new treatments, possibly leading to a cure. Participants may acquire access to the newest treatments, including drugs not yet market-approved. The objective of clinical trials is to demonstrate the superiority of the researched drugs or protocols over current standard treatments, potentially prolonging patient survival time. Even if assigned to the control group receiving standard treatment, clinical trial participation remains a favorable option. These trials encompass drugs that have been clinically validated for efficacy and safety, offering increased reassurance. Moreover, clinical trial patients receive heightened attention and observation from the research team’s doctors, benefiting from superior care, hospitalization, examinations, treatments, and follow-up. Emergency assistance is readily available.

Potential Risks of Clinical Trials

As with any cancer treatment, clinical trials also carry risks. They may result in notable outcomes, but they can also prove ineffective, have unforeseen side effects, and have undetermined effectiveness. Nevertheless, researchers strive to promptly tackle adverse reactions. When toxicity reaches unbearable levels or the drug proves ineffective, patients may need to withdraw from the trial and seek alternative clinical treatment options.

Patient Rights in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials operate on the basis of voluntary participation. Patients reserve the right to decline participation or withdraw at any given time without any loss or infringement of their rights. It also bears no impact on the doctor’s treatment of the patient. Should a patient wish to withdraw, they must inform the research doctor. If the research doctor deems the continuation of the study to be detrimental to the patient, they may end the patient’s participation at any time, even without the patient’s consent.

Your Journey with PRECICO

Upon recording your information and documents, we will promptly notify you upon finding a matching clinical trial program. With your consent, we will aid you in the administrative process to facilitate your access to treatment swiftly. The clinical treatments and novel therapies related to your condition will be dispatched to your inbox on our platform as they become available.

Please be aware that this is a complimentary service. We will not levy any charges for this service.

Second Medical Opinion

The option to obtain a second medical opinion is an invaluable resource, offering you a supplementary professional diagnosis and guidance to ensure your treatment plan is as effective as possible. Comprising world-renowned doctors and experts with specialized knowledge and vast clinical experience, our team is equipped to help you navigate the complexities of diseases, surgical options, or treatment plans, providing you with expert insights and advice.

A Comprehensive Examination of Your Medical Condition:

Our medical experts employ the available information to conduct a meticulous evaluation of your health condition. This includes a detailed review of your medical history, diagnostic tests, and any other relevant data. The result is an exhaustive summary and analysis of your medical condition, enabling better understanding and decision-making.

Cutting-edge Scientific Research on Your Specific Disease:

We make it our mission to provide you with the latest, most relevant information to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Our team has collected and reviewed the most recent scientific research on your specific disease, inclusive of the latest advancements in treatment methodologies, medications, and therapies.

Treatment Recommendations from Dual Cancer Specialists:

For a thorough assessment, we consult with at least two cancer specialists who are experts in your specific disease. These specialists carefully study your condition and devise personalized treatment recommendations based on their expertise and experience. They consider the latest medical advancements, your medical history, and other relevant factors to formulate these recommendations.

It’s important to note that the information we provide is based on the available data and expert opinions. We encourage you to consult with your healthcare provider to discuss these findings and recommendations in detail to determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific situation.

Your Path Forward with PRECICO:

Upon receipt of your uploaded documents, we commit to sending you a detailed medical report within one week. If the uploaded files are incomplete, our staff will contact you to request additional documents.

After receiving the second opinion, should you wish for a more detailed service, you can apply for a video consultation with our experts.

Please note that this is a paid service, with fees ranging from 150 to 300 euros. After you complete the upload, we will send you a payment link and other confirmation information via an internal message.

Theranostic Testing

In the realm of cancer treatment, particularly for personalized therapy, drug dosage adjustments, prognosis evaluation, and clinical trial selection, precise genetic testing plays a pivotal role. It provides patients with effective, safe, and accurate treatment strategies, thereby augmenting the chances of treatment success.

We offer cutting-edge and comprehensive tumor genetic testing, namely Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing. This high-throughput DNA sequencing technology swiftly and comprehensively analyzes genetic material, identifying genetic variations or mutations that may contribute to diseases. In cancer drug screening, NGS testing provides crucial genomic information, enabling us to understand tumor characteristics and drug sensitivity. This invaluable data aids in the selection of personalized treatment for better outcomes.

The process of NGS testing in cancer drug screening comprises the following steps:

1. Mutation Detection: NGS sequences tumor samples to identify gene mutations, copy number variations, and chromosomal rearrangements. This analysis uncovers key drivers of tumor growth.

2. Bioinformatics Analysis: The data from NGS undergoes alignment, variant annotation, and functional prediction. This process helps to identify known cancer-related genes and assess their role in tumor development.

3. Drug Target Identification: Gene mutations are matched with known drug targets, pinpointing potential therapeutic targets for the tumor.

4. Drug Sensitivity Prediction: We integrate genomic information with drug-gene interaction databases to anticipate tumor sensitivity to specific drugs. This prediction guides the selection of effective drugs and can rule out potential drug resistance.

5. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on the NGS results and drug sensitivity predictions, we develop a tailored treatment plan that incorporates targeted therapies, chemotherapy drugs, or immunotherapies to inhibit tumor growth.

6. Treatment Monitoring and Adjustment: Regular monitoring of genomic changes in the tumor assesses treatment efficacy, allowing adjustments to the treatment strategy according to the evolving tumor profile.

We are ready to assist you in conducting NGS testing and performing comprehensive drug screening using our existing medication database. This selection process facilitates a more personalized and targeted treatment plan, increasing the chances of successful outcomes and reducing unnecessary exposure to potentially non-beneficial medications.

Your Next Steps with PRECICO:

To conduct the NGS test, we generally require your biopsy sample. However, if you do not have a biopsy sample available, we can arrange for you to undergo the biopsy at one of our affiliated medical institutions.

Upon receiving your materials, our staff will contact you via an internal message detailing the next steps. The NGS test typically takes around two weeks to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed result report.

We will provide you with an estimated cost via an internal message. Once you confirm your acceptance, you can proceed with the payment. Please note that you have the option to cancel at any time before finalizing the payment.

Comprehensive Medication Management and Patient Monitoring Services

The role of cancer drugs in tumor treatment is paramount. We understand the critical necessity of providing patients with the right cancer medications. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering broad-ranging drug support to cancer patients globally, including facilitating access to locally hard-to-obtain medications or drugs currently in clinical trials that are suitable for the patients.

Our service aim is to supply the necessary cancer medications in the most prompt and convenient way. Our skilled medical team works in close collaboration with you to ensure the provision of a drug treatment plan that best fits your condition. Our ultimate objective is to present you with the most effective treatment options to enhance your chances of successful recovery.

Beyond the provision of medication, we also extend comprehensive post-treatment follow-up services. Our experts maintain close communication with you to ensure smooth progression of your treatment, optimizing medication dosages and treatment plans as necessary. Our commitment is to offer sustained medical support to help you achieve the best possible treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Our mission is grounded in offering hope and enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients worldwide. We are dedicated to doing everything within our reach to ensure you receive high-quality services and medications tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

Your Next Steps with PRECICO:

If you already have a prescription for the pertinent medication, please upload it directly to our platform.

If you do not possess a prescription for the medication and require assistance with the necessary testing and procurement of the appropriate medication, please specify your request in the space provided beneath the document upload. Our staff will get in touch with you to discuss the details.

Please note that this is a paid service, with fees varying depending on the type of medication and service required. Once we receive your materials, we will provide you with an estimated cost via an internal message. After your confirmation, you can proceed with the payment. It’s important to note that you can cancel the service at any time before finalizing the payment.